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Page 136 - Customer Guide Volume 15A
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Hi-Flow Thermostats

            Jaquar’s Hi-flow Thermostat is a thermostatic mixer valve that maintains
            the temperature of the water flowing out of your shower even at low
            pressure. It reacts and adjusts thereby preventing scalding or freezing by
            not letting water temperature get too hot or too cold.

            What are the Benefits:
            •  Jaquar’s is the first thermostat that works even at low water pressure,   •  In case of a failure of cold water supply, the Thermostat will
              making it suitable for Indian conditions              completely shut off the hot water, preventing scalding from hot water
            •  Temperature remains constant for the complete duration of your   •  Provision of re-starting the shower - no need to adjust the
              shower                                                temperature time and again

            •  No temperature variation, even if there is a sudden drop in pressure (if
              someone uses hot water in the kitchen or if someone flushes a toilet)


            •  Cartridges made of high performance thermostatic polymer materials   •  One of the best in terms of temperature regulation and safety in
              that meet the global standards for high and low pressure  accordance with various standards : NF EN 1111 (marquee NF077),
                                                                    ASSE1016 & NHSD08
            •  Option of pre-setting the cartridge at a specific temperature (as
              desired)                                            •  Standard temperature range: 15° C to 60° C (59 – 104 degree F)

            •  High technology thermoplastic polymer minimises lime-scale build up

             Thermostatic Mixers

                                                                 FLR-5655                  Exposed Bath Shower Mixer (Wall Mounted)
             FLR-5651                  FLR-5671                  Exposed Shower Mixer (Wall Mounted)  with Thermosatic Control Cartidge with
             Concealed Shower Mixer with  Concealed Bath & Shower Mixer with  with Thermosatic Control with  Button Attachment on Spout with
             Thermostatic Control Cartridge  Thermostatic Control Cartridge  Connecting Legs & Wall Flanges  Connecting Legs & Wall Flanges
             Rs. 8,350                 Rs. 9,850                 Rs. 6,800                 Rs. 8,250
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