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Sensor Faucets                                       Products that save water
             Faucets with technology that allows water to flow only when you need
             it and shuts it as soon as you move your hands away, resulting in zero
             wastage of water. There’s no better way to save water than when you
             don’t need it e.g., while washing hands with soap, you can save water
             when lathering. Use Jaquar Sensor taps in high traffic areas like
             restaurants, clubs, hotels, colleges, hospitals, airports etc.

             Three stages of washing hands                        Pressmatic Taps   Air Showers       Sensor Taps
                                                                  1.5 ltrs. per operation.  Save 30% of water.  0.11 ltr. per second.
                     A                 B                 C

             Wetting your      Making lather     Rinsing your
             hands             with soap         hands
             Water consumption chart                                Sensor urinals  2/4 ltrs. flushing  3/6 ltrs. flushing
                       Time consumption in seconds  Water  SAVING   1.5 ltrs. per flush.  systems     systems
                                           Consumption                              Save approx 65% of  Save approx 50% of
                         A     B      C    (A+B+C Stage)                            water.            water.
             Single Lever  5   12     7      4.31 L  BASE *
             Basin Mixer
             Sensor      5    Not in  7       1.8 L   59%
             Faucet            use
             Pressmatic   8   Not in  8      3.01 L   31%
             Faucet            use
             *Base calculation is taken on Florentine basin mixer at 1 bar pressure

            Dual Flush
            Flushes that use more water than needed are the biggest water wastage
            culprits in every home. Jaquar’s dual flushing systems enable you to use
            either a combination of 3/6 ltrs of water or 2/4 ltrs of water, depending
            on your water closet. Jaquar’s beta valve is designed to save
            50-60% of water every day.

                     6/4 Ltr.
                 3/2 Ltr.

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