Page 128 - Customer Guide Volume 15A






Page 128 - Customer Guide Volume 15A
P. 128

Exposed Shower Pipes:
                                                                                    Exposed shower pipes offer a wide shower
                                                                                    experience without the need for complex
                                                                                    concealed installation. They are available in
                                                                                    new refreshing designs that can be integrated
                                                                                    into any bathroom design—old, new or
                                                                                    renovated. Simultaneous working of showers
                                                                                    make bathing experience more enjoyable.
                                                                                    Allowing for height adjustment, these showers
                                                                                    can be positioned to release the spray either
                                                                                    directly or diagonally from above. This exposed
                                                                                    application makes it easy to upgrade or
                                                                                    renovate your bathroom at any time.

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