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Showers | Rain Showers

                                  >42˚C                       32-42˚C                      <32˚C

                                                      A light emitting shower which transforms the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light.
                                                      •  Hydro Power: Powerful electric energy for LED, which is generated by waterpower.
                                                        Does not require any battery or electrical power supply.
            HydroLite                                 •  LED: The sensitive shower light changes its colour with change in temperature.
                                                      -  Water glows Red when temperature is above 42ºC
                                                      -  Water glows Purple when temperature is between 32-42ºC
                                                      -  Water glows Blue when temperature is less than 32ºC
                                                      •  Rain: Immersing your body in a heavenly rain, experience nature’s downpour.

                                     OHS-1741                                             LED Overhead Shower 250X250mm
                                     LED Overhead Shower 234mm dia                        Square Shape Single Flow (ABS Body
                                     Round Shape Single Flow (ABS Body                    Chrome Plated With Gray Face Plate)
                                     Chrome Plated With Gray Face Plate)                  With Rubit Cleaning System (without
                                     With Rubit Cleaning System                           shower arm)
                                     MRP : Rs. 9,000                                      MRP : Rs. 10,000

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