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Showers | Rain Showers

             Overhead Showers

                                                                              Overhead Shower ø250mm Round
                                                                              Shape Single Flow (ABS Body with Face
                                                                              Plate Black Matt) with Rubit Cleaning
                                                                              Rs. 20,000

                                                                              Also available
             OHS-CHR-1633                                                     OHS-CHR-1603
             Maze Overhead Shower ø300mm Round                                ø150mm          Rs. 3,650
             Shape Single Flow (Body & Face Plate                             OHS-CHR-1613
             Stainless Steel with Chrome Finish) with                         ø200mm          Rs. 4,600
             Rubit Cleaning System                                            OHS-CHR-1623
             Rs. 8,300                                                        ø240mm          Rs. 6,750
             Registered design no.276016                                      Registered design no.276016

                                                                              Also available
             OHS-CHR-1639                                                     OHS-CHR-1605
             Maze Overhead Shower 300x300mm                                   150x150mm       Rs. 4,150
             Square Shape Single Flow (Body & Face                            Registered design no.276017
             Plate Stainless Steel with Chrome Finish)                        OHS-CHR-1619
             with Rubit Cleaning System                                       200x200mm       Rs. 5,300
             Rs. 10,500                                                       OHS-CHR-1629
             Registered design no.276017                                      240x240mm       Rs. 7,300

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