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GO                                      As a major global manufacturer of bathing products, we at Jaquar are well aware of
                                                          our responsibilities. Conservation of precious water as a natural resource has long
                                                          been the primary goal of our sustainability efforts to help preserve the living planet
                  GREEN !                                 for our future generations.

                                                          Go Green is a philosophy embraced by Jaquar as a tenet of its
                                                          design and production system to save water.

                                           Technology that saves water

               Flow Restrictors                                     Air Showers
               This is a revolutionary technology that lets your taps and showers   Jaquar’s Air Showers have a built-in air mixer that mixes air and water
               save upto 80% of water without compromising on the flow.   in a manner that makes shower drops lighter but voluminous. This
               Jaquar Flow Restrictors adjust the flow in both low and high pressure   revolutionary technology helps Jaquar air showers save up to 30% of
               conditions and offer the same voluminous flow every time.  water without compromising on the showering experience.
                                                                    Choose from a wide range of Hand and Overhead Jaquar Air showers
                                                                    with single and multi-flow options.

                                         Flow rate options
                                         available:                                30%
                                         1.4, 2.5, 4.0, 6.0,           70%          Air
                                         8.0, 13 LPM                   Water

             Flow Restrictor                                        70% Water + 30% Air     air       air      air
                                                                    = 100% Rejuvenation

                                                                    Pressmatic Faucets
                                                                    Taps with technology that allows only a fixed quantity 1.5 ltrs. of water
                                         Flow rate options          to flow with every press of its knob. This mechanism not only prevents
                                         available:                 water wastage during each use, but also provides ease of operation.
                                         6.0, 8.0 & 12 LPM          Jaquar Pressmatic taps are recommended for bathrooms of high

                                                                    traffic locations like restaurants, clubs, hotels, colleges,
                                         Flow Restrictor            hospitals, airports etc.

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