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            Jaquar showers are designed to deliver a range of experiences, and let   consistent water distribution to each individual nozzle. Jaquar showers
            you have a shower of your choice every time. Our overhead, hand and   give you a choice of upto 5 different flows matching your mood.
            body showers complement a wide range of shower systems, catering to   Whichever flow you choose, you will be assured of an ultimate
            your unique showering habits, design and installation requirements.  experience every time.
            Our advanced showers are designed to deliver great precision and

            Normal                Soft                  Massage               Cascade               Mist


                          Advanced Rubit Technology                            Click Position System
                          A feature that keeps showers clean and increases their   All Jaquar multi-function showers feature the
                          longevity. Since the spray jets on the showers are made   convenient click mechanism. You can feel and hear
                          from elastic silicone, they ensure that no limescale   the click while changing the function of the shower
                          deposits  stick  to  the  shower  face.              sprays.
                          Even if they do, they can be easily rubbed off by hand
                          or flannel.

                          Thermo Insulation                                    Jaquar Booster Technology
                          Jaquar’s insulated shower systems prevent scalding   Jaquar Booster Technology creates the sensation of
                          by not heating up the shower body.                   a full shower regardless of the water pressure.

            Shapes Available

                    Square             Round                Oval              Rectangular

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