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A treasure house of ideas and solutions for bathrooms and interiors, the
            Jaquar Orientation Centre is the best place to see, touch, and feel our
            complete range of bath fittings and accessories. Manned by a team of our
            experts, the Jaquar Orientation centre is the perfect place to get:               For more information, call
            •  Complete bathroom and lighting solutions                                           or visit the
            •  Expert advice                                                             Jaquar Orientation Centre
                                                                                                  in your city.
            •  Wide range of products and concepts
            •  Unmatched customer service

            The Jaquar Orientation Centre. Never build a bathroom before you visit one!

            Complete Bathroom and Lighting Solutions:
            Faucets | Showers | Sanitaryware | Whirlpools | Steam Solutions | Spas
            Saunas | Shower Enclosures | Water Heaters | Flushing Systems | Lighting
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