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Page 103 - Customer Guide Volume 15A
P. 103

AQN-7741                  AQN-7751                  AQN-7753                  AQN-7755
             Tumbler Holder            Toilet Roll Holder        Toilet Roll Holder With Flap  Toilet Roll Holder Twin Type
             Rs. 1,100                 Rs. 1,025                 Rs. 1,325                 Rs. 1,325

                                                                 Towel Rack 600mm long with Lower
                                                                 Hangers                            Rs. 3,300
                                                                 Also available
                                                                 Towel Rack 600mm long without Lower
                                                                 Hangers                             Rs. 3,100
             AQN-7761                  AQN-7771                  AQN-7781B                 AQN-7791
             Double Coat Hook          Glass Shelf 550mm long    Towel Rack 450mm long with Lower  Robe Hook
             Rs. 850                   Rs. 2,325                 Hangers                             Rs. 3,100  Rs. 700


             Grab Bar (Stainless Steel) 300mm Long
             Rs. 1,175
             Also available
             Grab Bar (Stainless Steel) 450mm Long
             Rs. 1,275                 AHS-1531                  AHS-1551                  AHS-1553
             AHS-1507                  Soap Dish Recessed Type   Toilet paper Holder Recessed Type  Paper Holder with Flap Recessed Type
             Grab Bar (Stainless Steel) 600mm Long  (Stainless Steel)  (Stainless Steel)   (Stainless Steel)
             Rs. 1,375                 Rs. 950                   Rs. 1,200                 Rs. 1,400
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