Steam Generator - Mid Series

For those seeking wellness in the comfort of their homes, a Jaquar steam solution is a great way to enjoy the benefits of humidifying water vapour from a high-quality steam generator.


Enter the dimensions of your steam room enclosure

length (ft.)
width (ft.)
height (ft.)

Select the type of wall of your steam room enclosure.



  • Touch button display
    Touch button display
  • IP67 rating for display
    IP67 rating for display
  • Temperature setting
    Temperature setting
  • Auto water inlet
    Auto water inlet
  • Auto drain
    Auto drain
  • Auto power off
    Auto power off
  • Stainless steel body
    Stainless steel body
  • Heating Element
    Heating Element
  • Water processor
    Water processor
  • steam nozzle
    Newly designed steam nozzle
  • Over heat protection
    Over heat protection
  • Pressure safety value
    Pressure safety value

NOTE : It is mandatory to buy control plates with every steam generator. It helps us to do temperature settings and also indicates various function of steam generator.


Control Plates

There are four options available in different color and designs. So that choose as per the requirement.

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