• No-Bacteria Zone

    Anti Bacterial Glaze, which is applied on Jaquar WCs and Wash Basins forms a strong hydrophobic shield and prevents the build-up of bacteria and germs. It is also ideal for India’s humid weather conditions.

  • Clean and Odour-free WCs

    The interior portion of the traps of water closets are glazed to ensure the trap does not collect dirt or gives out odour. Furthermore, it ensures a clean and odour-free bathroom.

  • Easy Installation

    The flatness of parts makes it easier to fix them to the wall. No gaps between the wall, floor and the fitting portions of Jaquar Sanitaryware ensures perfect fitting for the perfect look.

  • Soft Closing Seats

    Soft-close action eliminates noise of the cover falling. This is guaranteed for 2 years. You can also adjust speed of falling of the cover within a range of 1 to 15 seconds.